Our company

Our company

Our mission is to help the companies and businesses to find IT and software solutions that suit their needs and serve their goals, as well as to help them develop high-quality software products for their purposes.

  • With the participation of our external partners and sub-suppliers we support and develop our staff in order to ensure that we deliver an excellent quality service on time.
  • We work with a number of stakeholders to understand the needs of our customers and we continually develop and improve our working processes and services.
  • We take positive action to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • We improve our services constantly to better fit the business needs of our customers, stakeholders, and partners.

Who we are

BrainMatch is a company founded in 1st of October 2017 in Aalborg, Denmark. It operates in the field of staffing and IT with an experienced team of professionals. BrainMatch works with partners and clients in several different countries (Denmark, India, Slovakia) and can help you with the development of your project. BrainMatch offers a wide variety of services and solutions – staffingIoTERP and e-commerceAI and big dataSAPAV, VR, MRanimationgame developmentgamificationproject financebusiness consulting, and business industry trips.

BrainMatch has started operations after understanding the need for industrialization 4.0 in Europe. Focusing on current and future need, BrainMatch has come to know about – the need for new-skilled manpower, global market approach by companies and new emerging industry segments.

We understand the importance for every business to track its performance and internal processes so we offer a wide range of IT solutions and services specially designed and developed for your business and the projects you are working on. For this purpose, we provide business solutions which are tailored to your business needs. We work with certificated partners who can execute projects connected with the platforms and technologies displayed below.

We offer a free meeting to discuss your project and what we can do to help you realize it – just contact us to schedule it.


Our mission is to continually develop our services based on the newest technologies and partners to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and contribute to their growth and success.

We achieve this through:

  • Delivering a proactive, hand held knowledgeable and reliable service at first point of contact, offering advice and support for our services.
  • Supporting and developing our staff and external partners and sub suppliers to ensure we deliver an excellent quality service on time
  • Working with a wide variety of stakeholders to understand the needs of our customers
  • Continually developing and improving our services and processes
  • Taking positive action to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Listen to and learn from our customers, stakeholders and partners


Our vision is to be on top of the technologically development and thereby unleash the full potential of the large pool of expertise from our employees, partners and sub suppliers so we always can provide the utmost service to our Danish customers.


1. The team
Our core values form part of our team culture and have been incorporated into our day-to-day approach to service delivery.  We pride ourselves in offering high-quality, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service. We always value our customers as our highest assets.

The key values of the team are to:

  • Listen to each other with an open mind without interruption.
  • Share knowledge, information, and experience so we could all benefit.
  • Take key decisions based on reasoning, not rank.
  • Express concerns only to those who are responsible for dealing with them.
  • Have a responsibility-culture, not a blame-culture.
  • Form our work around our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Strive for continuous improvement.
  • Behave with integrity.
  • Positively challenge dishonesty or destructive behavior.
  • Have no ego.
  • Have fun is a must.

2. Ensure quality service and performance

We believe that customer satisfaction is central to quality and performance, we encourage customers’ feedback, and we discuss and take action on many of the suggestions we receive. At BrainMatch, we are committed to ensure excellent work in order to deliver a professional, proactive service with every contact with the customer. Our team members, partners, and contractors are experts in their field and are encouraged to continually update their skills to ensure we are always improving our support service and meet the needs of our customers.

3. Respect and integrity

We build and earn respect with each other as well as with our customers and stakeholders. We respect each other’s way of work and individual needs and requirements.

4. Single point of contact

We provide a single point of contact for all queries, service requests and communications. We will proactively communicate information relating to the service delivery including service availability, planned updates, and new and improved procedures and technologies.

5. Being efficient and proactive

We understand the pressure and deadlines that our customers face at key times during any production or development.

6. Teamwork

We recognize the individual strengths and qualities of each person on our team and we combine our skills and knowledge to deliver a quality service to all of our customers and stakeholders. Our people are our greatest asset and strength and success depends on all of us performing together.

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