How can we help your business with staffing

If your company finds difficult to find software developers in Denmark, then it may be a good idea to source the tasks for external specialists. There may be many benefits to your business.

By entrusting selected IT tasks to external specialists, you get a chance to focus on your company’s core competencies, and thus contribute positively to:

  • You can shorten the company’s delivery times
  • You can optimize the company’s production processes
  • You can increase the capacity of your business
  • You can get the opportunity to sell more and thus create growth in your company
  • You can get new knowledge and skills added to your company
  • You can get more specialists into your business
Tailor-Made Agreements - Staffing - BrainMatch

Tailor-made agreements

Outsourcing does not necessarily have to be so complicated. BrainMatch can help you with some clear, flexible agreements that are tailor-made based on your company’s need and finances.

BrainMatch has signed agreements with some of India’s largest and best IT houses, thus, we have a large pool of highly qualified software developers with years of experience in their field. Our graduates can work on a single project or on a long-term contract both on-site and off-site. This is called “staffing”. You also have the opportunity to send your developers to India for a period of time if it is the most optimal model for your business.

Staffing Model - BrainMatch

A model that suits your business

The crucial thing is that together, we’ll find the staffing model that best suits your business needs. 

All our candidates are carefully selected and hand-picked by us. They have extensive experience working with distance tasks for international customers and they are all permanent employees of our partners in India.

All our candidates are certified and have experience with work agile and iteratively after SCRUM, Kandal, Crystal, DSDM, and XP tools with years of experience in a wide range of technology and industry areas.