Industry visit to Seoul

Industry visit to Seoul​

In 2014, the South Korean government released a national strategy regarding smart factories and has since been supporting their construction and adoption, promising 30 000 smart factories by 2025. Thus, it is an ideal time for Danish companies to visit South Korea.
For more information please contact Profunding at email: info@profunding.dk and phone number: +45 7242 1000

Agreement with Workflows

Just signed an agreement with Workflows

Workflows is an IT company from eastern Slovakia based in Košice. The company is a provider of software development services focused on custom software solutions based on Java technology covering entire life-cycle of product development. They have provided Java IT services for more than 10 years.

Together with Workflows, we are offering to the Danish companies all kinds of Java programming.

Member of Brains Business

BrainMatch and the ICT cluster

The cluster represents the third largest ICT environment in Denmark with just over 10,000 jobs and a total turnover of DKK 17 billion kr.

The overall goal of BrainsBusiness is to contribute to the recognition of the North Jutland ICT cluster as one of the most attractive and competitive ICT clusters in Europe.

Member of IT Branchen

BrainMatch and the IT industry

The IT industry represents companies that take joint responsibility for the development of the Danish digital society. Companies that actively train, hire, and help the Danes to create growth and prosperity with IT.

This is a community that over 100 years has shared socially beneficial knowledge about, for example, user experiences, security and the benefits of IT.